Coronado Beach Family Photos At The Hotel Del

Coronado Family Photographer Hotel Del

Coronado Beach Family Photos At The Hotel Del

Coronado family photos are always so beautiful in any weather.  Coronado is a picturesque slice of San Diego surrounded almost entirely by deep indigo water. Furthermore, the beach features one of the most iconic hotels in the world – Hotel Del Coronado.  Coronado’s Hotel Del has been around for nearly 130 years. One of my favorite things about walking the paths of The Hotel Del is original!  This rich history makes Hotel Del Coronado the perfect place to take your Coronado Beach family photos.

The Jones Family

Kathryn and Cort first reached out to me for a pre-deployment session over a year ago! We couldn’t make it work, thanks to the lovely, eleventh hour, ever-changing schedules of the US Navy! When it was time to come home, we briefly chatted about a homecoming shoot, but couldn’t make it fit. Though I’m sad that I couldn’t be the one to document their deployment photos, I’m happy how things turned out. After three shots to schedule a photo session, Kathryn and Cort had baby Samuel along to complete their family! We truly couldn’t have had better weather, light, and most important of all – a very HAPPY BABY! Samuel, at just four months old, was so attentive and in tune to me. Furthermore, he giggled right into the camera and flashed plenty of sweet smiles for us.

Kathryn chose a lovely color palette of neutrals and light blues for her Coronado Beach family photos. This combination is such a classic look at the beach when the blue water and soft white sand are in abundance as a beautiful accent.

Coronado Family Photographer – Mandy Ford Photography

If you like what you’ve seen and you’re interested in booking a Coronado Beach family photographer, please contact Mandy to learn more.  Mandy specializes in fine-art film hybrid photography. With this in mind, she aims to produce bright and airy, timeless images in a relaxed setting. Presently, Mandy resides in San Diego, California, capturing genuine moments that will turn into tangible memories for you and your loved ones to cherish for a lifetime.

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Check out recent work and daily life on Instagram: @mandyfordphotography, and to view recent family portraits on the Mandy Ford Blog, click here.

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