A fine-art preset developed as a solution to all the others that fell short


Forget everything you know about editing.  We've found a better way. A method built for speed and accuracy. An editing solution that removes uncertainty with presets and profiles that get you closer, faster.

I used to be a private editor for some of the top photographers & preset producers in our industry


I was editing nearly 200 weddings per year.

and at that time...

I've had my hands on every fine-art preset on the market. They all claim to fix your problems, to work for every photographer and for every aesthetic.

Even the top photographers & preset producers weren't exclusively using their own presets because their process wasn't efficient! Here's the thing...

You can't handle an editing queue of 200 weddings without extreme efficiency.

Here's what I learned in the process...

We've done significant research. Studies show that the majority of photographers we sampled spend at least 80% of their post-production workflow SEARCHING for the right preset. Applying an average of 4-5 different presets to test which one performs best as a jumping-off point. 

Ready to try them for yourself?



A single preset, no matter how great, cannot fix your entire editing workflow.



We developed a solution — a new approach to editing.  An innovative technique built for accuracy and efficiency.

Introducing: Situational Lighting PResets

Increase your efficiency by up to 80% with presets that give you the confidence on where to start, with the accuracy to match.

we cracked the code
on situational lighting

Developed to take the uncertainty out of where to start. These presets and profiles cover the most difficult lighting scenarios you'll face throughout a wedding day, no matter where you're located, and and what situational lighting you may encounter. With an emphasis on research and development, these presets shave seconds off of each edit, and have been proven to increase your editing efficiency by up to 80%!

simple, pre-crafted preset recipes

The elusive one click edit: 

Now achievable with situational lighting presets. 

Throw out every preset you own. This entirely new approach to editing will get you closer, faster... speeding up your editing time nearly 30%.

We've been extensively field testing this method for years, and we've finally cracked the code. Tested by top photographers in the industry on REAL lighting scenarios they've faced throughout the day. 


[Image above is a true, 1-Click edit to showcase preset performance before adjustments]

Okay, but how do these stack up against film scans?

Ever wonder why you don't see side-by-side edited film on the other preset production websites? Because a lot of those presets don't come close - especially with a 1-click edit. Even though a true 100% film match is unattainable, we know these presets will get you get you pretty dang close... and fast. See for yourself...

watch them in action

Matching film is a complex art form

So, why do we expect a single preset to solve all of our problems?

maybe we've been doing it All Wrong

Film Vs. Digital


Helps to neutralize harsh lighting conditions. Delivers just the right amount of contrast without compromising skin tones.

Film scan


Film Vs. Digital


Works well with sun-drenched ceremonies, and thrives at handling hot greens and bold blues.

Film scan

EDITED WITH Coronado FIltered Light

Film Vs. Digital


Our most versatile recipe. The base preset handles most lighting scenarios where there's a mix of situational lighting.

Film scan



Film Vs. Digital


Pairs best with blue light scenarios, and the just-after-sunset, even lighting conditions.

Film scan


Film Vs. Digital


Pairs best with blue light scenarios, and the just-after-sunset, even lighting conditions.

Film scan


I literally use these for everything, and trust me I have tried everything on the market. Of all my presets, these get me closest to my film scans every time!

VAnessa Rose Photography

These presets are easily the best thing I've added to my workflow. They truly are a one click edit for 99% of my work. I can edit a portrait session in under 10 minutes!

Costola Photography

As a new photographer, I didn’t know where to begin when it came to editing my photos to get that bright, airy look that fit my style. Mandy’s presets were perfect!

Kathryn Jones Photography

A Preset With A Cult Following?

She's our pinch hitter, our saving grace. She gets the job done.  We tested this preset to her limits, and she has not let us down yet!  Handles extremely difficult tungsten light, and mixed lighting scenarios like a champ. Use it in the bridal suite, the groom's room, on details, and anywhere you need your interior images to shine.

Meet our fav: Bridal Suite

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9 Profiles | 18 Presets

Base PReset

Created for sun-drenched beach images on Coronado Beach, we found this recipe works well on many lighting conditions. If you love vibrant, bright, clean, and colorful, this is the go-to preset for you. We use this in any lighting condition where you just can't quite define the lighting conditions. A combination of Coronado Filtered Light Profile Undertone + a few basic adjustments).

East Coast Classic

Created to neutralize the toughest of greens. Our 2 East Coast Classic presets are made for the more classic, true to life light and airy photographer. These presets handle soft skin tones while maintaining rich depth in the shadows. The perfect preset for any hot, grassy ceremony site. 

Tahoe Pines

Created to handle the blue-spruce undertones of pines, and blue hazy mountains in the distance. This has a slight magenta undertone to counterbalance wooded images, and performs best in low, even lighting conditions. 

Bridal Suite

Handles difficult mixed lighting scenarios beautifully. Use it in the bridal suite, the groom's room, on details, and anywhere you need your interior images to shine. We planned for this preset to be a "fix" but found it's a well rounded starting point for anything indoors where you need to re-introduce exposure while maintaining dimension. 

Black And White

Classic and effortless, this black and white preset has been honed in to perfection over the course of seven years. It's the last black and white preset we'll ever use, and we have a hunch you might feel the same as well. 

Preview some of our most popular Situational Lighting Presets

Base Preset  //  Black and White  //  Bridal Suite  //  Bright Backlit  //  East Coast Classic Bright  //  East Coast Classic Sunset  //  First Look  //  Golden Hour  //  Just After Sunset  //  Open Shade  //  Tahoe  //  Adjustment Preset: Clean & Crisp   //  Adjustment Preset: Greens Fuji (Minty)   //  Adjustment Preset: Greens Portra (Warm)  //  Adjustment Preset: Medium Format Grain  //  Adjustment Preset: Tone Down Skin  //  Adjustment Preset: Tone Down Greens & Skin  //  BONUS: Direct Flash Reception Preset

Coronado (a fine-art profile without blue film undertone)  //  Coronado Blue Shadows (added blue undertone)  //  Coronado Filtered Light (a medium blue shadow undertone closest to film scans)   //  Coronado Golden Light  //  East Coast Greens  //  East Coast Greens 2  //  Even Light | Green Grass  //  Harsh Sun  //  Tahoe

Included Presets

Included Profiles


See how they perform in the various lighting conditions you'll encounter on your wedding day


And as a private editor... I've had my hands on every fine-art preset on the market. Some get really close to the skin tones I've sought after... but most are lacking - big time.

They all claim to fix your problems, to work for every photographer and every aesthetic...

All you have to do to make them work is *literally* change every thing you hate, and tweak them into your own preset! 

If I had a dollar for every time I heard a photographer complain that X preset was just too pink, and Y preset flattened out skin, or Z preset turns lipstick the wrong color... I'd be rich.

I was editing nearly 200 weddings a year.

I used to be a private editor and

you deserve a more efficient post-processing workflow


Spend less time in front of your screen, and more time living your life with Situational Lighting Presets.

In order for all features to be utilized at their highest efficiency, the Mandy Ford Situational Lighting Presets are only compatible with Lightroom Classic Desktop 12.0.1 Release or later, and ACR 15.0 or later. At this time, is not recommended to use these presets with Lightroom Mobile or Lightroom (Cloud-Based Desktop App)



In the past, we had to choose between whether we wanted to edit with preset or profile bases.  The Situational Lighting Presets are pre-mixed recipes with both a jumping off point preset, and an underlying base preset, and the full suite includes adjustment intensity slider presets to make editing even more efficient. 

Presets Vs. Profiles?

We've tested these on hundreds of thousands of images over the last 7 years, and have found they are compatible for every brand (even jpg film scans!).  What changes from camera to camera? Grain - The size of the megapixel that your camera provides may make grain appear larger if you are on an older DSLR.  White Balance - Our presets are auto-white balanced, so if you are on a newer, high-performing white balance camera such as Sony A9, you might prefer the camera's white balance over this preset. We have a simple, one-time fix for this if it's too distracting for your workflow. 

What Camera Is Best?

Our presets work best on shots that have been properly exposed, or just a smidge underexposed. Though, they handle underexposure like a champ! 

How Do I Expose?

A link to this product & installation instructions will be automatically generated once your payment is processed. Due to the nature of digital products, no refunds can be given on purchases of presets and digital assets. If you wish to utilize our testing service, you may do so by completing the form here.  Edits are shared every 2 weeks in our Private Community Facebook Group: Mandy Ford Editing Community. Our presets have been extensively tested, and we stand behind their ability to perform in virtually any lighting condition.  If you are unhappy with the performance of the presets, we suggest watching our tutorials to showcase how to best utilize the toolkit. Our team is here to help.

Refund Policy

YES! You can join our Mandy Ford Editing Community Facebook Group where we test images every 1-2 weeks. 

You can submit your images using this link here, and we'll share them within the Facebook group on a screen recorded video. We'll do a live walkthrough of the edit so you can see which preset we used and how efficiently we were able to achieve the look! Don't forget to join the group after you submit your RAW images!

Can I test your preset before I purchase?


You can become an affiliate and earn money from referral codes on these presets. If you wish to become an affiliate, you can apply here. Our affiliate candidates must uphold the Mandy Ford Co. Brand Values and maintain compliance with our brand values. 

I love your presets, how can I become an affiliate?