Are these thoughts holding you back from your dream photos?

Maybe you've invested in a session in the past, but when the gallery came back, it was a sad mix of stiff, awkward poses and  "mom-face" photos (you know the one) — but not a single family group shot you loved.
You felt like you were on the back burner, acting more as the photographer's jester than part of the family. Meanwhile, your partner walked away with a few snaps so touching, they'd move a stranger to tears.  
Or maybe, your children are at that really fun, but highly unpredictable age when you don't know which personality is going to show up to the session, or if you'll even make it through without a meltdown

You deserve high-quality, once-in-a lifetime memories you can cherish — even after your vacation has ended.

Let me ease your concerns...

Awkward, uncomfortable photo sessions do not exist in my world. I believe how you feel while your images are taken matters just as much as the end result. The belly laughs you see in these images? They're real. 
We've all seen the funny TikToks. Mom's taking photos of kids with dad: amazing. Dad's taking photos of mom with kids: not. so. much. And while they may be giving it their all, you spend most of the year on the back burner. 

I know how important those images are to you, so in my sessions, those once in a lifetime photos of you looking and feeling great are my top priority. 
Worried your kids (or even significant other) will be less than enthused for photos? I have a signature system I'll prep you with that will ensure I can deliver amazing photos! You'll walk away with heirloom quality photos - even if you're bringing a teething baby who is up past bedtime, or a hangry husband who would rather be back at the pool bar enjoying a cold one. 


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Coronado Family Portraits

Historic and serene, Coronado is the perfect place for your once-in-a-lifetime family photos at the Hotel Del & Coronado Beach!

Powder soft sand, cotton candy sunsets, and bright blue water paired together with historic Hotel Del as the background make Coronado the perfect place to experience a family portrait session.

Coronado family photos are truly a magical experience, nestled within a peaceful slice of paradise. Scroll to learn more about Coronado photo sessions with Mandy Ford Photography. 

You and your loved ones are on the beach. Everyone is happy. The sun feels warm on your skin. You're surrounded by the sound of laughter mixed with crashing waves.

The light is golden, the air is salty, and you're watching your children play together in front of the Historic Hotel Del Coronado Hotel.

You almost forget you're having your photos taken, because you're too busy creating core memories with your family. You look beautiful, and feel truly amazing... because, with me, your session will be effortless. 

Envison This:

Tangible Memories

Your memories aren't meant to live on a gallery.  We strive to deliver imagery that you can transform into substantial, handcrafted artwork. Artwork you can touch, feel, and savor in your day-to-day life. 

Once you're ready to book, inquire to receive further information and confirm your requested dates. Your session fee is due in full prior to your session. Payment plans are available. 

Our Process

01.  inquire

Once you're on the calendar, I will guide you through the preparations with planning emails, logistics, and even styling assistance! We'll touch base again the day of your session to go over details.

02.  Planning

When you arrive at your session, I'll start by warming up the little ones to build trust. Once we have everyone on board, we'll begin to create the genuine memories you've dreamt of.

03.  your session

04.  Sneak Peeks

05. Gallery Delivery

We're just as excited to share your images as you are to see them! That's why you'll be receiving a few sneak peeks in your gallery within a week of your session! 

Within 6 weeks of your session, we'll deliver your entire session to an online gallery. You'll have 30 days to download your pre-purchased amount of digital images. 

06. Upgrades & Extensions

If you wish to upgrade to a higher amount of digital images, please reach out to directly to upgrade. Need more time to choose your images? Reach out and we can upgrade you to our added storage plan!

About Mandy

the artist

I'm Mandy, and I believe how you feel when a photo is being taken is equally important to how you look. My priority is to make you feel comfortable, confident, and relaxed in front of the lens so that we can create genuine memories you and your loved ones will cherish for a lifetime. Because, at the end of the day, you deserve images as remarkable as your story.

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Historic  and serene, Coronado is the perfect place for your once-in-a lifetime family photos at the Hotel Del and Coronado Beach. Inquire now for further information!