Facebook Ads Checklist | Set Yourself Up For Success Before You Launch

Facebook Ads Checklist | Set Yourself Up For Success Before You Launch

If you are new to Facebook Ads, starting out can feel intimidating, so I streamlined the process into a simple Facebook Ads Checklist. In this checklist, you’ll follow a roadmap to get set up the RIGHT way, using everything I had to learn the hard way.

Below is a quick overview of what’s inside the checklist. If you’re lost after reading this, or you want an in-depth, easy to follow document, you can download my [FREE MARKETING GUIDE] which contains 5 Actionable Tips To Ditch The Algorithm… plus – a little further info on how to get started with paid ads!

Facebook Ads Checklist

1. Basic Configuration

In order to run successful Instagram ads, you’ll definitely need to create a Facebook Business Page. But that doesn’t stop there. Did you know you’ll actually need 3 accounts *within* Facebook to get your ads going? Don’t stress – it’s not as scary as it seems!

2. Pixel Configuration

Install your pixel. What is a Facebook Pixel? It’s a piece of code that you embed into your website code that helps you optimize and track conversions, build audiences, and more. The pixel is the magic code behind the perfectly targeted ads you receive – sometimes even before you ever searched them! Read more on that here.

After you install your pixel, check to ensure it’s firing properly (failing to do so will cost you tons of money)

3. Event Configuration

Once your pixel is installed and working, you’ll want to get your conversion events set up.

4. Website Verification

Domain verification is necessary so you can claim ownership of your ad account.

This Facebook Ads Checklist will ultimately guide and prepare you for your launch!

Mandy Ford | Photographer-Turned Marketing Strategist

Mandy specializes in fine-art film hybrid photography. With this in mind, she aims to produce bright and airy, timeless images in a relaxed setting. Presently, Mandy resides in San Diego, California, and documents love stories nationwide. She’s also an experienced marketing strategist, sharing her knowledge through her online course!

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