Should You Be Using Lead Forms?

Lead Forms, Marketing tips for photographers and creatives

Should You Be Using Lead Forms?

As a photographer, nurturing leads is one of the most important things you must do.

I’ve seen a lot of photographers overlooking this step, which is a BIG mistake because these leads could be your dream clients!

But how can you generate leads as a photographer?

There are so many ways to generate leads, but one that I know works best for our industry is by using lead forms.

A lead gen form is used to collect data and email addresses from website visitors.

Through this, you can start building your email list!

Although some might assume they’re lower quality leads, but if you target right and craft an offer that speaks to the exact audience you’re targeting, you might be surprised!

With competition growing every day, it gets harder to capture qualified leads and increase website traffic.

This means that you need to put out enticing content and campaigns that will catch your TARGET audience.

We’re about quality over quantity here. So our implementation strategy for ads is aggressive.

If you do run On-Facebook lead generation ads, make sure you’re following our proprietary Magnetic Methodology Strategy. Where we isolate high-performance audiences through proprietary controlled variable testing – crafted specifically for photographers.

Mandy Ford | Photographer & Marketing Educator

Mandy is a top-ranked international photographer serving luxury destination weddings & portrait clients around the world. As an educator, Mandy helps photographers grow their businesses through data-driven marketing strategy and education.

Want to learn more about the simple, Magnetic Methodology that teaches you how to attract and book 5k, 8k, and 10k clients begging to book your services? Watch the free training here.


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