Lake Tahoe Wedding Photographer | Jayde and Evan Engagement

Lake Tahoe Wedding Photographer | Jayde and Evan Engagement

There aren’t too many sessions where I walk up to my clients for the first time and I feel like I’m meeting up with old friends. Their session felt more like playing catch up as we got to know each other!

Jayde and Evan flew down from Portland for a weekend of Tahoe wedding planning, and they couldn’t have timed it more perfectly. There was a calmness at the harbor that I’ve never felt before – despite Teddy’s obnoxious barks off in the distance! (Side note – he literally ran through a small wedding party to say hi)

Jayde and Evan came dressed to impress. Props to Jayde on battling the chilly weather in open toed shoes + snow! It was all SO WORTH IT! I am honored you chose me to document these beautiful images! 🙂


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