Some of my best and most intimate photographs of the bride on her wedding day often come from the moments of preparation in the bridal suite. I want to be able to give you that gift for your special day as well, and the environment is everything for beautiful photographs! Here are some tips on how to choose the best bridal suite to help me capture your wedding day.Bright Bridal SuiteDavid Girard Vineyard Wedding Boho Bride

Good Lighting

A beautiful photograph needs good lighting – sheer white curtains help defuse sunlight and make a room look airy and bright. Large windows are also a must since natural lighting is the best way to bring out your own beauty; oftentimes hotels only have dim, yellow lights from nightstand lamps, which is definitely not ideal.

A Clean Room

Try telling a dozen ladies doing their hair and make-up to keep the space clean! A room with ample surface space to store the necessary paraphernalia for your wedding party’s preparations allows me to take photos that don’t look cluttered or cramped. If the suite you are looking at reserving has decor or knickknacks everywhere, it might not be the best place for photographing your wedding day.

A Big Room

This one goes hand in hand with having a clean room. If you have a big room (or even a series of rooms) with space for everyone in your wedding party to prepare comfortably, I will be able to get wonderful shots. If you would like full length photos in your bridal suite, you must reserve a larger bridal suite. Corner suites are often the largest, so ask your hotel about availability. Lastly, if you aren’t able to get a large room, ask your hotel about neutral balconies or private terraces.David Girard Vineyard Wedding Floral Rompers

Neutral Decor

Bright wall art and interesting carpet designs can be great for the right occasion, but your wedding is probably not the right occasion. Light, minimal design and decor choices for the hotel are best so that I can showcase the bride and bridal party – not the purple painting behind you. Not to mention, colorful walls leave slight color casts on the skin. This doesn’t do your makeup any justice!

Bride and Groom in the Same Hotel

This tip might seem a little odd, but I’ll be taking photos of the groom preparing as well. To create a united theme or “feel” throughout your wedding photos, having both the bride and groom in the same hotel can ensure a similarity of decor and environment.


In Conclusion

Lastly, preparing for the most important day of your life relies on many small details coming together and being perfect. Choosing the perfect bridal suite is another small detail which will allow me to capture beautiful, fleeting moments before you say “I do.”