Hocking Hills Wedding In Ohio At Cedar Grove Lodge

Bride and Groom In Front Of Pampas Grass Arch | Hocking hills wedding at Cedar Grove Lodge | Shot on film by Mandy Ford.

Hocking Hills Wedding In Ohio At Cedar Grove Lodge


Photographer: Mandy Ford Photography
Venue: Cedar Grove Lodging
Floral: Shaffer Creative Co.
Band: The Touchables
Sweets: Pinkerton’s Cakes
Hair: Kristen Sheff and Lori Marie Hair
Makeup: Olivia Song
Gown: La Jeune Mariee & Watters Bride
Officiant: Run To An Elopement

Coordination: Julie Logsdon

Hocking Hills Wedding Inspiration

Cody and Heather’s wedding was full to the brim of sentimental details. They chose to hold their Hocking Hills wedding at Cedar Grove Lodge. Hocking Hills and Southern Ohio hold a special place in in their hearts, because so much of their relationship was spent there when they first got back together.

Cody proposed on their Jamaican vacation in Negril. Heather of course said yes! Lucky for Cody, the proposal was almost ruined when they narrowly escaped a run-in with a giant crab. They spent a romantic evening on Seven Mile Beach in Negril to celebrate. Heather was inspired to infuse those sentimental memories into their Hocking Hills wedding.

Floral Design

Lush, tropical tones paired beautifully against the colorful fall leaves. Heather’s florist – shoutout to Shaffer Creative – was even so thoughtful to add a few stems of the flower, Heather, into the bouquet! Tropical stems were paired with pampas grass to pull in fall tones. Amber glasses were the perfect golden accent against dusty blue linens, making this wedding a one-of-a-kind event for their guests to enjoy!

Cedar Grove Lodging And Events | Hocking Hills Wedding Venue

Cedar Grove Lodging and Events is a perfect Hocking Hills wedding venue for numerous reasons. First, the venue is truly an all-inclusive experience with on-site cabins and lodging. Heather and Cody rented out every cabin on the property for friends and family to stay in. The party continued after the wedding and into the evening without any worry of complicated logistics. Cedar Grove has the most beautiful log cabin-styled reception hall that sits atop their rolling lawn. The trees were beautiful and had just begun to turn for fall! I loved the meadow Cody and Heather chose for their ceremony, which backed up to the beautiful foliage.

Heather And Cody

Heather and Cody began dating weeks after Heather got into high school. Cody, an upperclassman, was along when some older boys drove the freshman girls to a football game. Heather and Cody felt a spark right away, and soon after, Cody asked Heather to homecoming. After that, they began a relationship. Like many high school relationships, Heather and Cody broke it off after a few years to grow up and do life on their own.

Their paths crossed on and off through their twenties, but they were both on different trajectories. After nearly a decade apart, Cody sent Heather a random text message that rekindled their friendship. It didn’t take long for old feelings to flood back in. Even after all that time and change, they couldn’t fight the same feelings they shared all those years before. At their wedding, Cody and Heather danced to “Greatest Love Story” by Lanco. This song parallels their love story perfectly. I’m so happy that Cody and Heather found their way back to each other. Their story goes to show, even if you find the right person, it has to be the right time.

San Diego Wedding Photographer – Mandy Ford Photography

If you like what you’ve seen and you’re interested in booking a wedding photographer, please contact Mandy to learn more.  Mandy specializes in fine-art film hybrid photography. A visual story teller, she seeks to capture and produce bright and airy, timeless moments from your most intimate day. Presently, Mandy resides in San Diego, California and documents love stories nationwide.

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