hey, photographer! 

Are you ready to craft a life-changing marketing strategy that's SO efficient, you'll have an endless supply of dream clients begging to book your services?


✓ I can imagine how you got here.

✓ Odds are, you received one of my highly targeted ads.

✓ Which is weird, because you likely didn’t feel that you were targeted at all, did you?

✓ What’s cool is you’re here. And I’m stoked that you are...

...because this is one of the
most important pages you'll ever read...

to the painful, dancing on the internet, hamster-wheel approach to marketing, and hello to actionable ad strategy you can implement right now.

IT's time you finally said goodbye...

✓ Facebook hosts 2.6 billion people every month

✓ 500 Million DAILY active users on Instagram

✓ The potential for scale is truly unfathomable.

✓ And if you’re not already running ads, you’re missing out

why? Because...

You're Taking on clients that don’t align with your brand just to fill your calendar?

You BoosT IG ads and see little to no engagement? 

The marketing agency with costly fees THAT YOU HIRED ATE away at your profit margin, and you weren't really sure if they helped

You've Been Trying all of the trending audio reels, dancing on the internet like a fool, and then agonizing over when and how to post Your embarrassing content on social media? 

You're overwhelmed by the technical aspects of PAid ads marketing and you're not even sure where to begin 


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/ 05

I understand, because I've been in your shoes...

Working in marketing for the last 15 years, I’ve learned a lot.

Not in a theoretical sense, but in a “get down and dirty with the data” across industries ranging from education, to e-commerce, restaurants, and other service-based industries…

And you know what? I’ve seen it all.

I know what works, and what absolutely does NOT (especially for our unique industry).

I’ve hired the top Gurus, did the work, tested ALL the latest strategies, and held on strong through the iOS updates.

All using this targeted ad strategy *specifically* crafted for the photography industry.

It's not your fault,
It's the...

Slim Choices


Poor Industry Standard



What if I told you

You could craft a high-converting strategy that works so well that you have to periodically turn your ads OFF? 

You could say goodbye to guessing when to post, what to post, how to post, and dancing on the internet - forever! 

Here's the thing... you CAN.

"Mandy is incredibly knowledgeable with all things marketing. Her process is seamless, and it gave me the confidence I needed when implementing all the tech required to run ads! She makes it way less daunting to get going with her step-by-step videos and worksheets."


"This course was game changing for my business. The tracking & analysis module taught me how to read the data and make educated decisions with confidence! After learning how to recognize early metrics for a high-converting ad, I was able to consistently scale winning content at a much lower cost per client acquisition!"


"I worked with Mandy through her 1:1 Program and with that, gained access to this course. I am constantly amazed at the amount of knowledge Mandy has about marketing, and how it's changed my entire outlook on my approach to driving traffic to my business."


This program has been tested at every level of our industry, and our students are seeing results! 

On average, STUDENTS that follow this system TRIPLE their return on investment the SAME WEEK their ads launch.




A self-led ad strategy course made for photographers - by a photographer. This course will give you a step-by-step roadmap to go from zero to a fully-functioning strategic campaign in just 3 weeks. Step-by-step guided videos walk you through the nuanced tech process. The high-converting templates and offer creation modules that you will walk away with will take the guesswork out of crafting an offer that converts. 

Once your systems are in place, you will have a holistic social media marketing plan to track objectively with raw data and hook those dream clients which have been, until now, just out of reach—all without impersonating 2022 Britney Spears' dance moves.



Within A Few Weeks

Magnetic Leads


You're in complete control of an ad strategy that generates SERIOUS return on investment.  You're confident running a method that's proven, not just by someone else's roadmap, but by your own data!

Your marketing strategy has a steady stream of clients begging to book you!  Through a subtle, yet magnetic approach, Luxury Leads brings in a steady stream of qualified leads, without discounts, pitches, or feeling like a used car salesman. 

You know exactly who your clients are, and how to drive them to you. You've filled your calendar, effortlessly, and you're focused on raising your prices while you make more and work less, because you're attracting high-paying, dream clients!

You'll walk away from this course with: 

✓ Consistent inquiries from a fully-functioning paid ads marketing system that converts  with less than $5 per day budget

✓ Incoming, high-paying leads on autopilot

✓ The ability to craft high-converting ad campaigns without feeling like a sleazeball, used car salesman.

✓ The confidence to read and analyze your statistics to make data-driven adjustments toward your marketing strategy. 



〰️ You're serious about scaling your business, and you're ready to gain traction - fast!

〰️ You're ready to take the time necessary to learn the steps and interpret the data 

〰️ You're not looking for a get rich quick scheme, and you're ready to attract the perfect clients!

Step-by-step, guided videos, and slide decks will help you seamlessly set yourself up for paid advertising. Our onboarding modules, video, and cheat sheet checklists guide you through the tricky tech that may have scared you away from FB & IG ads in the past! 

Provided relevant case studies and examples will take the uncertainty and confusion out of crafting your first campaign! The roadmap for photographers, by a photographer, works! Just follow the directions and start to see the leads come in! 

case studies



Never before seen in our industry - we will go IN-DEPTH on tracking and ad analysis! Soon you'll know the exact percentage of leads you've gained directly from your ads. You'll be staring at a full schedule - and you won't have to dance on the internet to get there! 


Access to pre-recorded live coaching calls  PLUS bonus content - free high-converting ad templates, cheat sheets, checklists, and more to take the hard part out of getting your ads up and running! 



I’m not a photographer, is this course for me?

This is a self-paced course without coaching support, however, we do have a troubleshoot submission form where you can suggest course edits or report a confusing portion of a lesson. We update the course regularly! We do have coaching programs and 1:1 mentoring as well! Inquire to learn how we can work together! hello@mandyford.com

Running ads seems complicated, will I be able to follow along?

There is nothing simple about running ads, and it can be very overwhelming. This is why I crafted this course— to help confused creatives like you understand the process. In this course, I will tackle everything from ad setup to data reading + so much more. We’ll be going through the entire process, breaking down the complexity into steps, so that you gain the confidence to be your own ad expert.

Will I be able to ask you for help? 

The Luxury Leads Ads Course is for you to know how you can set up YOUR ads and accurately read data to make informed decisions. However, I will be guiding you and assisting all questions or concerns you may have throughout the process.

I’m only new to the industry, will this work for me?

Yes! Whether you just started or you’ve been in the industry for more than 10 years, this course will help you understand how to set up your own ads and read data like a pro + so much more. 

I'm in a luxury market and rely heavily on planners for leads, will this course work for me?

YES! We specialize in a competitive advantage retargeting approach where we teach you how to reach those potential clients in a magnetic, effortless manner. 

Need more assistance?

Feel free to reach out via email to hello@mandyford.com or via Instagram @mandyford.co

I'm REady To Take Control of MY MARKETING STRATEGY & elevate my business