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I'm Mandy - A San Diego wedding photographer specializing in fine-art wedding photography. When I'm not photographing my amazing clients, I'm busy as an overly obsessive dog mom, capturing life’s beautiful moments with my husband, Chris, and reveling in Teddy antics. 

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Flodesk email marketing pros and cons comparison to Mailchimp

When I heard of Flodesk, I was elated and so began my pros and cons list of Flodesk vs Mailchimp. Here’s the thing, when I started my journey into email marketing, I began as most do – with a free membership to Mailchimp.

It seemed like the easiest for a beginner (back then it was), but as I grew and demanded more from my platform, Mailchimp just couldn’t keep up. I began paying for Mailchimp and was surprised to learn that around every corner I was being charged. I HATED that. I began researching tons of different email providers, but many of them gave my nearly identical vibes to Mailchimp.

Let’s cut to the chase. Flodesk takes the cake, hands-down. Read below to learn why.

Flodesk email marketing pros and cons and 50% Off Discount

Powerful Features Of Flodesk vs Mailchimp

1) Segments

Segmenting is perfect for photographers who want to target two audiences. For me, I target 3 main audiences: Brides with bridal education, families for portrait sessions, and photographers for my resources and education. Mailchimp’s segments just don’t feel seamless the way segments work in Flodesk. It’s almost as if they hold your hand and lead you into what you *should* be doing, with tons of automation examples. I felt as if I was guessing when it came to Mailchimp.

2) Free Templates

As I said before, I hated how basic the Mailchimp designs were. Anything worth using I had to pay for, and even then, I didn’t love the options. I purchased coded templates from other sites and the whole process was a major headache – tons of glitching. With Flodesk, you don’t need to do a lot of coding because the templates are already stunning. Furthermore, they look professional and refined compared to the “small business” look of Mailchimp’s offerings.

3) Automation

I talked about the templates on Mailchimp being complicated, but their automation was even more overwhelming in my opinion. My favorite part about automation is the nurture sequence for new brides. This took the place of my bridal guide. You can easily set up a nurturing series where you can drop educational tips to help ensure the picture-perfect wedding. It’s also just clean and simple to set up.

4) Workflow Templates For Automation

Automation can be overwhelming, even if you’re a seasoned professional. Flodesk provides workflows in their library that you can use as a jumping off point, which is a huge help!

5) Analytics

Flodesk offers the most amazing simplified analytics. You can easily find them on each workflow (it’s the little gray graph when you hover a workflow or automation) and it gives you the basics which I love. Let’s not overcomplicate things, right?

6) Landing Pages & Beautiful Branding

I love, love, LOVE the branded features of Flodesk. The look and feel of the branding options on their sign-up forms made my Flodesk Vs. Mailchimp decision extremely easy. I have done so much research and can honestly say no one compares to the branding capabilities and ease of use that Flodesk has to offer.

I also love the feature for opt-in freebies to upload a PDF straight to Mailchimp. It’s easy, timed beautifully, and I will literally never look back.

Get Half Off Flodesk – Yep 50% Off Flodesk Code For You:

Flodesk is typically $38 per month. It’s a little more than Mailchimp (not much with all the add-ons Mailchimp requires). I have a 50% Off Flodesk Promo Code for you to take advantage of – along with a free trial of Flodesk. I’m required to tell you I do earn a little kickback when you use this link, but I truly would recommend Flodesk, hands-down after TONS of research on other platforms.

Flodesk vs Mailchimp Pros and Cons of Flodesk Email Marketing | Best Email Marketing

I appreciate you taking the time to read this post, and I know you’ll find great success and improved efficiency building templates with Flodesk!

For more educational tips, freebies, and resources, check out the Mandy Ford Shop here.

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Flodesk vs Mailchimp Why I made the Switch | Best email marketing 2021

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Flodesk vs MailChimp | Why I Made The Switch

San diego wedding photographer

I'm Mandy - A San Diego wedding photographer specializing in fine-art wedding photography. When I'm not photographing my amazing clients, I'm busy as an overly obsessive dog mom, capturing life’s beautiful moments with my husband, Chris, and reveling in Teddy antics. 


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