I was held back a year in grade school for ripping up countless worksheets if my coloring job turned out anything less than perfect. I asked my grandmother for adult level art lessons for my 8th birthday, because 2nd grade art class just wasn’t challenging my creative side. I even took home the first place prize at my elementary school photography competition the very first time I touched a camera. (How's that for foreshadowing?!) 

Even at a young age, the evidence was there: I was a one part wanderlust dreamer, and one part inherent creative - paired with the hallmark characteristics of a type-A perfectionist. I was destined from the start to become a successful creative entrepreneur.

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I didn't take the easy road to success, and I count my lucky stars to have ended up here. With the help of some remarkable mentors, I have made and continue to make huge growth. There is no such thing as self-made and I feel blessed to be in the position to give back through mentoring and education. In sharing my journey, I want to help ensure you have the proper tools to find your own path to success.

...but i didn't take the easy road to success

I have had the honor to learn from some of the best  in this industry, and throughout this process, I’ve grown to love educating and teaching others. I offer 2 types of mentoring: Intro to Wedding Photography and Editing & Business Workflow.  I also offer a Custom Tailored Option to assess your specific business needs. Online options are also available. Click below for more information:



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