what are the benefits?

As a professional wedding photographer, I understand how much time goes into post-production. By the end of the season, most of us are stressed, burnt out, and overworked. Outsourcing gives you your time back. We're all in different seasons of our careers and lives. Maybe that time returned is time away from your screen, and in front of your little ones. Or maybe it's a chance for you to dream, and put your time toward expanding your business! Time is money. When you delegate tasks, you have more time to focus on growing your business!

will you match to my style?

Some photographers see outsourcing as "giving up", which couldn't be further from the truth! My clients and I make a fabulous team. My process is largely relationship-based. I want to match your style and ensure your brand and aesthetic, without compromise. I take on a limited amount of long-term clients each year, as I believe in quality over quantity, and let me tell you, I have some of the BEST clients in the world! Each within the light and airy film emulation realm, but all have their own unique brand and aesthetic. My number one goal is to consistently emulate your personal style.

how does the process work?

You'll start by inquiring below with your website, links to social media, and recent work. This really helps me get a feel for if we're going to be a stellar match! (The more info, the better).  If I think we're great, we'll set up a video consult to talk details! The process works by transferring Lightroom Smart Previews via Dropbox. You send them to me along with sample anchor image edits, I work my magic, and deliver them back to you. The turnaround time varies due to volume each week. On average, weddings take 5 business days to deliver.