Our Biggest Little Wedding Day

It's hard to believe that it's already been two years since Chris and I did the unthinkable. Without telling our parents or even our friends, we woke up on January 8th, 2015, and decided to go get MARRIED! 

It was spontaneous, exciting, and SURREAL! We didn't even know where to start, but we knew Reno was known for it's quick, easy marriages. We knew we didn't want anything TOO over the top because we were planning a large wedding for the following year. We began by calling some of the Biggest Little Chapels, and finally settled on The Arch Of Reno, which offered the most simple and convenient package.

"...our minister was also our driver (he wore many hats)"

For a whopping $90, we received everything we needed to tie the knot! The package included minister fees, we were married by the only retired Elvis in the city,  a limo ride to the court house - our minister was also our driver (he wore many hats), witness fee - we chose Sarah the secretary, and access to any chapel of our liking. We chose the Tuscan Chapel, a quaint room with a small Italian-inspired tapestry on the front wall, covered in fake ivy on the otherwise-blank room. 

Once the initial paperwork was filled out, we hopped in the limo and were driven toward the courthouse.  At first we thought the limo was a bit over the top, but it soon proved convenient when we were dropped off at the front door like VIPs, instead of fighting to find parking downtown.


Our driver told us about some of the craziest clients he's ever had - which were all hardly believable and hilarious. In the middle of his story we began to notice what looked like smoke pouring in through the vents of the limo. It increasingly turned the entire backseat to fog, and Chris and I couldn't stop laughing. Instead of pulling over, the driver decided to make a push for it. Luckily we were back on Virginia Street, because by the time we were back at the chapel, the limo had filled with smoke and smoke was billowing out the hood! 

In the limo as the smoke began to pour in! 

In the limo as the smoke began to pour in! 

The driver hopped out and rushed toward the engine. We knew the radiator had overheated, and his first instinct was to grab the cap! Chris interjected before he could open it, saving him from adding burn victim to his many service hats.We convinced him to come inside while the vehicle cooled off. He was very concerned that we would be upset, but it honestly added more entertainment and laughter to our special day than we ever could have imagined!  

It was a personal decision for us to keep this special day pretty private. We wanted our own memory to keep, and our wedding memories down the line to share with friends and family. Chris, wearing his favorite flannel, me in a simple top and jeans, began our marriage without bells and whistles. We didn't worry about the stress and expectation of impressing family and friends, and meltdowns over the perfect shade of Dove Gray (which I can assure you came later in the year). We both remained relaxed and stress-free, letting the day unfold on its own. After we were married, we took a sunset walk in the Riverwalk District, and then chose to eat at the romantic fine-dining establishment known as BJ's Brewhouse. We were greeted by our new puppy Teddy, and the accident he left in his cage as a wedding gift. 

It was an understated, cheesy, hilarious, and meaningful day that began on a whim and turned into one of my favorite memories of all time. We couldn't have planned it better ourselves. The past two years have been nothing short of amazing. I'm excited to celebrate both our smoking limo, simple marriage each winter, and our wedding day each summer that we were fortunate enough to share with friends and family!