Lake Tahoe Wedding Photographer | Verdi Estate Wedding

Mark and Kassi’s classic and elegant wedding was a stunning celebration in the gorgeous hills of Verdi, Nevada.  The exquisite estate was almost fairytale-like with a variety of wildlife roaming the property. The amazing ponds left from the days when the location was a fish hatchery made shooting this wedding a dream.

Mark and Kassi were so fun to work with because I have never been with a couple that enjoys each other as much as these two. Their shared laughter, whenever they are together, not only showcases their love for the other but also demonstrates the eternal devotion they have for their relationship. They are the perfect compliment to one another with Mark’s endless energy and Kassi’s grounding calm.       

The couple was introduced to one another through Kassi’s matron of honor who actually dated Mark in college for a few months! All it took was Cassie describing her ideal partner and the introductions were made. Eleven days after meeting, the couple was on their first date and the rest is history. It didn’t take long for either one to decide that this was definitely a true love story in the making.

The proposal was also as unique as this couple. Kassi decided she wanted to revisit a family tradition for her 26th birthday and decided they should drive to San Jose to watch a Sharks’ game since Mark had never seen one. On the day of the game, the two had extra time, so they pulled into Seaside State Beach. Mark, who had been carrying the ring all weekend in his suitcase, tricked Kassi by telling her he needed to change his shirt and stuck it in his back pocket. While exploring the area, Mark was looking for the perfect location to propose when he found some stairs blocked off with caution tape. After much persuasion, he convinced Kassi to break the rules with him and climb to the top. It was with the beautiful Pacific Ocean behind them and a wildly beating heart that he proposed to his perfect bride.

The day of the wedding was full of many special surprises. Mark gave Kassi a simply elegant diamond band for their engagement, but made her wait for the actual wedding day to see the big ring. The pure surprise on Kassi’s face when Mark presented the ring to her at the altar was absolutely priceless. Once again the laughter that encompasses this couple rang through the majestic pines during the service.

Another surprise was one of Mark’s groomsman had to miss the wedding because his wife went into labor. During the middle of pictures, Mark received a phone call announcing the birth and having the opportunity to capture his reaction was amazing.

The one bittersweet moment of the day was Kassi’s sister had to miss the wedding. She deployed three days before but I was fortunate to photograph a Facetime call between the two sisters. Even through the cell phone, I was able to capture the joy Kassi’s sister felt and the bond they share.

This union between a beard-connoisseur YouTube sensation and his blue-eyed beauty was full of fun, so much laughter, giant three-tiered donut cakes, many jokes and TONS of happy tears. I was honored to shoot their wedding in such an exquisite setting. What a day to remember.


Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Humphreys! 

Creative Writing: Tiffany Picotte Writing

Photography: Mandy Ford Photography  | 2nd Shooter: Catherine Crane Photo | Assistant: Isabella Miller | Venue: Private Estate | Cake: Doughboys Donuts  | Catering: Bjs Nevada Barbecue | Dress Boutique: Swoon Bridal Rentals: Camelot Party Rental | Florals: St Ives Florist | Catering: Coney Island Bar | Stationary: Kait VanHof | Hair: Megg Evans | Makeup: | Veronica Chavez & Jenay Puckett | Dress Boutique: Swoon | Dress Designer: Amy Kusche
| Shoes: Tieks by Gavriel