I have been so lucky to have had the pleasure of meeting Paul and Tiffany upon relocating to Northern Nevada.  Paul and my fiance Chris have been friends for years, and Tiffany and I hit it off right off the bat!

Paul and Tiffany met in Fallon, Nevada, when was stationed there. Paul is in the Military, and soon after he and Tiffany met, he had to relocate to Virginia Beach for new orders.  The couple grew very close despite their East Coast/West Coast homes, multiple deployments, and countless cross-country flights. 

Eventually they decided to tie the knot in an untraditional way, then later planned to have a wedding on Virginia Beach.  Tiffany bought an Alfred Angelo dress, and Paul had a custom-tailored suit made while on deployment in the Middle East.  Due to Paul’s unpredictable schedule, the wedding was pushed further and further back, and before long it seemed as if it would be put off for good. 

Finally, they found a date that would work for their “I Do + Take Two” intimate wedding ceremony, and they started planning.  In true military fashion, plans changed, and Paul found out he would be deployed yet again.  Now with things down to the wire, Tiffany had just a few weeks to make the wedding come to life. She did a phenomenal job! 

Here are a few of my favorite images from their intimate wedding ceremony at Lake Tahoe!