When I met Tiffany, Talon's mom, we hit it off great and she mentioned Talon needed his senior photos done. I immediately jumped at the opportunity and the rest is history.

Chris and I wandered out to Stillwater Wildlife Refuge for a Christmas hike and I immediately knew I had to shoot photos there! I met up with Tiffany and we drove out, with Talon following in his jeep.  Upon reaching the park, I realized I had NO CLUE how to get where I needed to go. We were literally driving in circles and losing daylight - fast!

Talon was such a trooper and finally waved us off the side of the road to take control of the situation.  Once we finally got to the site we had about 40 minutes before we lost our sunlight.  Lucky for me, this boy is super easygoing! He should honestly consider a career in modeling. Even when he wasn't paying attention to me he was nailing the shots!