Capital City Wedding | Haymarket Virginia Private Estate Wedding | Alex + Keith


Capital City Wedding | Haymarket Virginia Private Estate Wedding | Alex + Keith

Alex + Keith

A Capital City, Rainy Backyard Wedding

"When life hands you lemons... dance in the rain!"

The Thursday morning prior to her wedding, bride-to-be, Alex, sat in her kitchen sipping coffee while checking the weather. The forecast on her phone was clear. There would be no rain in the D.C. area that weekend. She immediately called to cancel the tent she had reserved as back up for inclement weather. She wouldn't be needing it now - her dream to celebrate at a reception under the stars was about to become a reality. 

Turns out, she was in for a rude awakening. 


It rained steadily ALL morning the day of the wedding. Quiet reassurance was offered to the bride, the groom was on edge... they still had time, right? We took the bridesmaids out for some photos while we had the chance, and were caught outside in an instant downpour. The bride's flowing hair was beginning to fall, and her dream style had to be improvised into a low up do... but not before I captured a photo of her sprinting into the house for cover!

Just as guests were arriving, the weather took a turn for the worst. Flash floods and heavy downpour sent guests scrambling, taking cover in what little shelter the beautiful backyard wedding venue offered. The chairs were soaked, the linens turned soggy, decorations had been blown down, and the caterers were struggling to keep the food trays from flooding! 

Alex would not let her spirits falter. She wanted to be married outside, even if it meant getting soaked. Her soon-to-be husband, Keith got on the microphone and made the call. Guests quickly wiped down chairs, and waited for the ceremony to begin. The rain slowed to a drizzle, and let up to a light mist during the ceremony. Their ceremony was short, sweet, and heartfelt. Alex and Keith jumped the gun and tried to kiss a little too early, and the officiant called them out, sending the congregation into a fit of laughter.  When all was said and done, and the couple finally kissed (at the proper time), the crowd ROARED in celebration! 

We were lucky that the drizzle slowed to a light mist, and I was able to sneak these two away for some one-on-one time to snag some bride and groom portraits. We invited the wedding party to join for some photos, and the guys had everyone doubled over laughing. Keith and Alex chose the perfect group of friends to help lift their spirits in such unfavorable weather conditions. The night was still young, and the storms were nowhere near complete. By the time the couple was introduced for their first dance, water had pooled on the dance floor, turning it into one big slip and slide! 

 Alex and Keith made the best of it! They spun, and fell - hard, and got back up. They laughed, and laughed some more, and even shared a few truly romantic, tender moments. When Alex successfully completed a twirl, her dress flowing behind, the crowd erupted into yet another frenzy! This was truly the most memorable first dance I've ever seen! 

Guests remained loyal and celebrated on the dance floor the ENTIRE night, and not once did the rain completely stop. Surrounded by family and friends, and sharing in the most cliche, oddly romantic moment, these two danced in the rain and made lemonade out of a less than ideal situation! They are the epitome of what it means to let go of the insignificant details, and instead embrace the day, and the true meaning behind it.

Photographer: Mandy Ford Photography

Venue: Private Estate

Hair & Makeup: Ryan with Blend Event

Assistant: Jeff Armstrong

Dress: Stella York

Dress Boutique: Ellie's Bridal Boutique Arlington

Shoes: Betsey Johnson

Rentals: Sammy's Rentals

Catering: Red Hot & Blue

Custom Suit: Chris Ahern with Jack Christopher Clothing



Los Willows Wedding Estate | Editorial


Los Willows Wedding Estate | Editorial

Los Willows Wedding Estate | San Diego Wedding Photographer 

I was so honored to have teamed up with this amazing group of vendors. Los Willows' newest, and most intimate wedding site. Perfect for quaint events, this area boasts lush, green vegetation, with glowing bistro lights strung above.

This Southern California Styled Editorial pairs rich, red, navy, and gold jewel tones with the vibrant greenery of Los Willows Wedding Venue. Located just north of San Diego, Los Willows boasts a unique, secluded charm.

Lush, overgrown florals, paired with a bold navy ribbon were a strong contrast to the soft lace bridal gown. Elegant, calligraphy invitation suites, complete with a hand-drawn map of the venue, were a perfect touch to tie in the rich vibe we were hoping to convey. Instrumentals played softly in the background as the breeze softly rustled the bride's hair.

These earrings by Petal and Stone were the perfect match for this soft look. 

After dinner, we chose to take the bride to the beach to inspire more wedding couples to take a few moments on their own to truly be present together on their wedding day. We think this is a great idea for all San Diego wedding couples.